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Emergence of a new group Art groups and societies have played a significant role in the all round development of Indian art. The first art organization 'Brush Club' was established at the end of 1830 at Calcutta and held their first painting exhibition at Town Hall in the next year. There after many art groups like Calcutta Art Society (1889), Jubilee Art Academy (1897), Indian Society Of Oriental Art (1907), Calcutta Group (1943) etc and gradually many more came up with diverse aims and objects, but most of them were short lived. Recently a few devoted young working artists came together under one umbrella with a common aims and agenda, and thus The Way I think group established in 2016. They have decided to arrange multifarious art-oriented programmes besides holding art exhibition in every year. This is the first venture of the newly born groups. Hope viewers will enjoy the show. I sincerely wish them every success. Prasanta Daw
Art historian   Critic

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The Way I Think is my journey from Shillong to Kolkata and forming a group after near about 14 years. Thanks to all my friends for supporting me by coming up on a common platform where we talk about painting, music, performing art, etc. Painting and my Life in a call center have been a subject that motivates me stepping forward towards my goal. Hope to come up with more exhibition on a regular basis.

Loknath Yadav

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